Let our Premier Funeral Consulting & Financial Services group handle all of your pre-arranged funeral needs.

By Preplanning…

  • Your service will reflect the life you have lived and the way you would like it remembered.
  • You will reduce the amount of decisions your family and friends need to make at a highly emotional time.
  • You will determine how much you want to spend and how to fund your funeral.

And, by prefunding your arrangements, you and your family can be assured that the money will be there to pay for the service you want.


Show your loved ones how much you really do care. Relieve the financial burden on surviving family members.

Make Provisions Today & Tell Your Story Your Way.

Why Preplan Your Funeral?

The death of a loved one is a very difficult time for everyone. Yet during this period of grief and emotional readjustment, family members and friends are confronted with dozens of decisions:

  • What kind of funeral should we have?
  • Do we want a burial or cremation?
  • Where will services be held?
  • Who do we need to notify?
  • What would you have wanted?

And just as important…

  • How much will it all cost?
  • How will we pay?

By discussing your preferences in advance, you can consider all of the options and create a memorable experience for the people you truly care about.

Today, not tomorrow, together, not alone!

How Do You Preplan?

A Licensed Funeral Planning Advisor who has special training and expertise will work with you to create a personalized celebration of your life with these three easy steps.

  • Reflect: Consider how you want your life to be remembered. You can include special interest to help make your service even more meaningful.
  • Review: Everyone wants their life to be remembered in a unique way. A Funeral Planning Advisor will explain the options available so you can choose the way your services will be held. Without undue stress, you will be able to make sound financial decisions at this time.
  • Relax: Once the arrangements are set, you will receive a written statement to share with family and friends. For your convenience and peace mind, a copy will also be kept at the funeral home.

Why Prefund?

Handling the expense of a funeral can be extremely stressful and can also be a hardship on your family. And, like almost any other product or services, funeral prices increase over time. By prefunding today, you can prevent the financial burden on those closest to you and be assured that the money will be there to help cover tomorrow’s funeral costs.

There are a variety of prefunding options available. We welcome the opportunity to help you determine which one best meets your needs.

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